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Fletcher's Rest

Posted by Josh Kelly on Monday, July 10, 2017

"My fellow guests at this arboreal wonderland were kind enough to treat me to a mug of ale or four in exchange for a song and a story. By morning, the courage that made me sleep in one of the infamous hammocks had fled. I found myself grabbing on to the nearest branch with all my strength, transfixed by the ground one hundred feet below. There I remained until the innkeeper’s son could pry me loose and sit me down at the breakfast table."

- Talia Talespinner

Fletcher’s Rest is a tavern and road house that sits near the banks of the Kingsblood, a wide and swiftly flowing river with few safe places to cross for hundreds of miles in either direction. It is built within and around the trunk of a massive sequoia tree. The tree, rumored to be fey in origin, is the largest of the many giant sequoias in the dense forest around the tavern.

The only building on the ground floor is the stable. From there, a wide staircase winds up around the trunk of the tree to the feasting hall and the kitchen, a hundred feet above the forest floor. These main rooms have been partially burrowed inside the trunk of the tree. From there, a dozen rope bridges lead to small cottages scattered throughout the tree’s branches. Lodgings at Fletcher's Rest don’t come cheap, though open-air hammocks are available for guests who have more sense of thrift than fear of heights.