Review: Wolves of Welton

Posted by Benoit de Bernardy on Friday, March 3, 2017


"The Wolves of Welton" is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons module for characters of 2nd or 3rd level by Winghorn Press. It’s a one-shot investigation in which the PCs try to discover why a pack of wolves has suddenly become more cunning and aggressive. It features a decent mix of exploration, roleplaying, and combat, which is an absolute rarity for an adventure this short.

The module is fairly straightforward. In the first scene of the adventure, the PCs help a group of shepherds defend their herd against wolves. The characters then learn that this wasn’t the first attack, and that the wolves have been plaguing Welton for weeks. The adventurers then need to locate the wolves’ den and find a solution to the problem.

What surprised me the most when reading this adventure was how well-written it was. The descriptions are captivating and evocative, and they really help set the mood. The NPCs at the end of the module are also charming and convincing, and make Welton stand out from the dozens of other D&D villages that DMs have imaged over the years.

The adventure, however, isn’t without problems. It has a few editing mistakes that Richard and Lauren could have easily avoided, and it seriously lacks structure. The descriptions, what the NPCs tell the characters, and the DM-only paragraphs are all mixed together in one big wall of text. This isn’t an issue when reading the adventure, but it will be problematic when you run the module because you will waste time finding the relevant pieces of information when you need them.

Overall, "The Wolves of Welton" is one of the better adventures I have run across on the Dungeon Master’s Guild. Even if you don’t intend to run the module, the NPCs alone will make it worth your time. I highly recommend downloading it, especially since it’s free!



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