Review: Shadows on the Long Road

Posted by Benoit de Bernardy on Thursday, January 19, 2017


Shadows on the Long Road is a one-shot Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition adventure for characters of 3rd or 4th level. The module is supposed to take place in the Forgotten Realms but you can easily adapt it to pretty much anywhere. You can get the adventure as a standalone product, or as part of M.T. Black’s latest bundle, both of which are available on the Dungeon Master’s Guild.

At its core, Shadows on the Long Road is a dungeon crawl. As the PCs are traveling along the Long Road, they accidently get trapped into a gloomy demi-plane (Ravenloft?), and then have to find a way to get out. The characters eventually come across Saltmarsh Manor where they receive a warm welcome, and are even invited for dinner and to stay over for the night…

Unfortunately, the life of an adventure isn’t so easy. Something bad will happen to the characters if they linger around, and they will have to explore the manor if they are to escape. The dungeon crawl awaiting the PCs is exquisite! M.T. uses a clever combination of compelling descriptions and classic horror movie clichés to set the mood, and the result is simply outstanding. The structure of the adventure is also solid (you’ll only need to read it once to run it), and there are surprisingly few mistakes for a self-edited document.

I only have a one minor nitpick with the adventure. The dinner part of the module is scripted, and M.T. does too good of a job to create an unsettling atmosphere. Only complaisant players will play along, and only the most naïve players will actually be startled when things go awry. Most veteran murderhobos will burn down the manor and miss most of the fun.

Reading an adventure written by M.T. Black has been on my to-do list for a quite a while, and I now understand why his modules are such a huge success. I wouldn’t recommend buying this product. I’d go straight for the Complete Adventures of M.T. Black bundle. If even a tiny fractions of the adventures in the bundle are as good as this one, it’s well worth the $7.95 M.T. is asking for.



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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nice write up. It has surprisingly few errors for a blog post of 365 words.