Review: Reign of the Ice King

Posted by Benoit de Bernardy on Friday, February 17, 2017


Reign of the Ice King is a short Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition module for characters of around level 10. It’s a classic dungeon crawl in which the PCs help the people of Termalaine get rid of a self-proclaimed frost giant king and his minions. The adventure normally takes place in the Forgotten Realms but you can easily adapt it to just about any town during the winter.

Reign of the Ice King is as old school as it gets, and reading it made me oddly nostalgic. The plot is spot on what you would expect from an adventure in the Forgotten Realms—kill the frost giant who is extorting money from the villagers—and the eBook really reminded me of the modules TSR used to publish back in the 90s (especially the cover by Eugene Jaworski). While the dungeon delve is mostly Diablo-like hack’n slash, Reign of the Ice King still features an interesting combat on a bridge against a white dragon, and an opportunity to use ruse and trickery to make the rest of the dungeon crawl easier. Because the plot is so basic, the module is very easy to prepare, making it ideal for any DM who only has an hour left before his game session!

While the module is solid, I admit I was a bit disappointed with the art. As a big fan of Patrick’s black and white illustrations, I wish the adventure had more of them! I would also have preferred a more homogeneous style but I think I’m just being picky here because I know Patrick is an artist.

Overall, I think Reign of the Ice King is an excellent adventure that should cater to veteran players and youngsters who enjoy collecting vintage stuff. I wouldn’t risk myself on recommending it to everybody because of how different the module is compared to 5th edition ones, but if you’re interested in seeing how people use to write adventures 30 years ago, Reign of the Ice King is a good place to start!



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