Review: Hunted!

Posted by Benoit de Bernardy on Saturday, September 16, 2017


“Hunted!” is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure for characters of levels 5 to 7 written by critically acclaimed author Tony Petrecca. It’s a three to five hour module in which the PCs try to discover who or what is raiding the winter stores of the friendly thorp of Northwood's Rest. The villagers will be quick to blame the Hunting Claw orcs to the North, but the culprits are much more sinister.

“Hunted!” is the type of adventure I enjoy the most. It’s a series of encounters and places in which the story behind the livestock attacks gradually unfolds, while at the same time, offering an interesting mix of combat, exploration, and social interactions. Players who enjoy story-focused adventures will absolute love this one.

Besides the great backstory, the module is also a delight to read. Tony has a unique style that combines captivating descriptions, a proper choice of words without sounding pompous, and a bit of humor to lighten the mood. The adventure also has clean and functional layouts, color maps by Elven Tower, and awesome new monsters!

My only problem with the module is that sometimes, Tony is a bit too brief in his explanations. Most DMs will be able to improvise in these situations, but I prefer having all the information in a published adventure and decide which parts to use, than not having the information at all. I find that building on top of someone else’s ideas yields better results than filling the gaps. Ultimately, this is just a design choice that Tony made, not a flaw, and I’m sure many DMs out there prefer more compact adventures.

I had already read some of Tony’s stuff in Jeff C. Steven’s encounter books and in Journey to the Center of the Underdark, and quite frankly, Tony never disappoints. He’s one of the most constant Dungeon Master’s Guild writers out there, and I highly recommend checking out “Hunted!” and the rest of his work. Everything he writes ranges from good to excellent.



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